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MAC offers prevention, education and screening services to persons living with HIV, and to those at high risk for HIV infection.  MAC focuses on increasing knowledge and skills, and supporting behavior modification through prevention groups and one-on-one sessions. Members of the subcultures most affected by HIV within the Black community (e.g. Black MSM, Africans, injection drug users, those incarcerated or recently released) are heavily burdened by the stigma of HIV disease and consequently resist acknowledgement of risk, screening for HIV infection, and entering treatment. Credible access to their social networks and attuned cultural competence are required to effectively reach and motivate them to overcome contextual, systemic, and structural barriers to seeking maintaining care. The Prevention & Screening for HIV/STDs/Hepatitis Department implements population-specific programs recon men of color who have sex with men, men and women of color at risk due to past or present injection drug use, women partners of men at high risk, female sex-workers, and people born outside of the United States, specifically Sub-Saharan Africans. Programs are:


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