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Fight the Fear Campaign

Fight the Fear …

Fear, stigma and discrimination are driving the HIV epidemic in communities of color.  Together we must Fight the Fear if people are to be diagnosed early and receive life sustaining care and treatment.  We must Fight the Fear, as a community, if we no longer want HIV and AIDS tearing apart families.  We must Fight the Fear in order to stand up and boldly proclaim that HIV and AIDS will no longer have a strong-hold.

Where Does Fear Appear:

  • Fear of knowing one’s status
  • Fear of being isolated by family, friends, and/or community
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of others finding out
  • Fear of physical or emotional abuse
  • Fear of disappointing loved ones
  • Fear of one’s future
  • Fear of loving someone living with HIV
  • Fear keeps us silent

For more information contact:
Gary Daffin, Executive Director  at 617-238-2401, gdaffin@mac-boston.org

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