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MAC’s Mission:  The mission of the Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) is to mobilize communities of color to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  We work to ensure high quality, accessible prevention and treatment services for people living with HIV, at high risk for becoming infected, or closely affected by the disease.  We also support broader community efforts to eradicate conditions that fuel the epidemic, including substance abuse, lack of health care access, homelessness, incarceration and oppression based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

MAC’s Values:  With our priority on communities of color, MAC’s  “multicultural” focus extends beyond the boundaries of race and ethnicity, honoring the full cultural diversity in our community which includes the cultures of people in recovery; of the faith community; of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals; of people living and struggling with homelessness, domestic violence or poverty; and others.  In all its endeavors, MAC strives to exemplify excellence, integrity, innovation and a culture of learning.  We are committed to providing bold, pro-active, collaborative leadership, coupled with a deep respect for the work of our colleagues in the field.  We work to produce data-driven programs and research that combine grassroots experience with theory, and ensure highest quality performance through evaluation and monitoring.  In all our efforts, we seek to honor the whole person, recognizing their full and unique range of needs, aspirations and capabilities.

We emphasize individual and community intervention strategies that promote empowerment and institutional capacity building.  The MAC is committed to ensuring effective, culturally appropriate

  • Coalition Building
  • Prevention and Education
  • Public and Private Partnerships
  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in the fight against HIV/AIDS


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